DNA Test

Build a better body inside and out.

Discover the genetic traits
that set you apart.




Nutrition + Fitness DNA Test
will help you discover:

• Optimal diet type for weight loss
• Reactions to gluten, caffeine, alcohol and lactose
• Predispositions for metabolic rate, cholesterol, blood sugar
• Determine nutritional needs for vitamins and folate
• The best exercise program for weight loss
• Key traits for muscle energy, recovery and fatigue
• Insulin and body fat response to exercise
• Traits for aerobic capacity, nitric oxide and vascular function


Nutrition traits we will test for:


Body Fat Loss
Omega 3,6 Levels
Optimal Diet for Weight Loss
Obesity Predisposition
Saturated Fat Levels


Eating Disinhibition
Sweet Tooth
Tendency to Overeat


Vitamins B2, B6, B12
Vitamin A
Vitamin D


Caffeine Metabolism
Gluten Sensitivity
Lactose Intolerance
Alcohol Flushing
Peanut Allergy


Cholesterol Levels
Metabolic Rate
Blood Sugar Levels
Triglyceride Levels


Fitness traits we will test for:


Glucose Metabolism
Muscle Growth
Muscle Strength
Muscle Development
Nerve Activity


Endurance Benefit
HDL Response
Insulin Response
Response to Exercise
Testosterone Levels


Muscle Recovery
Sleep Cycle
Exercise Fatigue


Aerobic Capacity
Exercise Response
Blood Vessel Formation
Nitric Oxide Metabolism
Vascular Function


Muscle Energy
Muscle Speed
Optimal Exercise Type
Endurance vs Strength


Blood Pressure
Muscle Growth
Muscle Volume

How to test your DNA in 4 simple steps:

Nutrition DNA Test Process
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